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Waffle Window – Portland, Oregon

December 18, 2016

One of the restaurants I missed the most after my move from Oklahoma City to Portland was Waffle Champion. I’m a firm believer that waffles > pancakes, so anywhere that serves ’em up a dozen different ways is A-OK in my book. Luckily, after hours of Instagram research in my new city, I came across a restaurant that looked to be my new favorite waffle stop in my new city: Waffle Window.

I visited the Waffle Window’s Alberta St. location in Northeast Portland, located off NE 27th and Alberta. It’s the perfect location to fill up before a day of shopping on Alberta Street. On warm days, you can grab a waffle and sit on the patio outside. But it’s December and snow was in the forecast, so we opted for an inside seat.

I instantly felt at ease in Waffle Window. If you’ve visited Portland, or you’re new to the city like me, you may have noticed a trend in some of their restaurants. They can feel a bit stuffy, showy, and over the top. Waffle Window is delightfully unpretentious, friendly, and quaint. And best of all – incredibly inexpensive.

Choosing a waffle here is hard. Seriously, everything on the menu sounds incredible! Jamie and I decided to try a savory and sweet, and opted for the Rise and Shine and Nutella and Banana. The Rise and Shine is a liege waffle topped with a fried egg, chicken sausage, Tilamook cheddar, and gravy. You can also get this one with maple syrup instead of gravy, but come on, we’re from Oklahoma. We don’t turn down gravy.

Savory waffle and gravy at Waffle Window in PortlandThe slightly sweet waffle set off the savory gravy and cheddar perfectly. I think Jamie could have eaten a few more of these happily. Everything on this waffle paired well together. The textures and flavors were unbelievable. It’s the perfect breakfast. And get this: It’s $7.25!

While examining the menu, a waiter whirled out a Nutella banana waffle to a guest, and my mind was made up. Gimme all the carbs for breakfast.

Nutella banana waffle at Waffle Window in Portland OregonIf you have a major sweet tooth, this waffle is for you. Also if you’re looking for a mega-Instagramable breakfast, you’ll love this one too. Nutella is artfully drizzled on top of a crispy, yet chewy liege waffle, served with a massive dollop of whipped cream.

Waffle Window has four locations around Portland, including Alberta, SE Hawthorne, and out in the ‘burbs. It’s the perfect quick, inexpensive breakfast or brunch spot around Portland. You can get two waffles for well under $20. No frills, no over the top Bloody Marys, just incredible food. I can’t recommend Waffle Window enough, and I definitely can’t wait to go back!

Portland friends: I’m trying to find the best deals in the city! Where are your favorite happy hours, cheap breakfasts, and specials around? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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