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The Doghouse – Portland

June 8, 2017

Portland is a food truck mecca. You could eat at a food cart every day for over a year without repeating one. On any day, there’s over 500 active in the city. Admittedly, I haven’t done a very good job at exploring all of my new options. Many are bustled in pods downtown and only open during lunch, and at first the permanence of the trucks (carts?) weirded me out a little bit – I was used to food trucks on wheels!

During the heatwave Portland experienced a few weeks ago, I had no excuse not to get out and enjoy some food truck noms al fresco. And I definitely picked a wonderful spot to soak up the sun.

I visited Tidbit Food Farm and Garden on SE Division and 28th, and after a quick lap around the space, it was obvious which truck I had to choose: The Doghouse.

Specializing in burgers and breakfast burritos, The Doghouse wafts a wave of cheesy, bacon-y goodness across Tidbit that’s truly irresistible. After a peek around the menu, I found a burger with peanut butter on top. I couldn’t say no to that! The 1 Night in Bangkok burger is covered in candied bacon, peanut butter, pickles, spicy garlic chili sauce and sesame oil – it’s hot, hot, hot. The candied bacon and peanut butter help cut the heat a little bit, but it’s definitely on the spicy side.

Jamie also opted for one of their specials of the day, a bacon-topped barbecue burger that was truly photogenic.

We also split some tots, which were SO good. It’s hard to mess up tots, though, to be fair. The next time I go, I’ll try one of their specialty tot bowls. They have toppings like truffle oil and asiago, and bacon, cheddar, and a fried egg. I’m also looking forward to trying their breakfast burritos. I’m a sucker for a good greasy breakfast, and of course, there are tons of options with bacon.

The Doghouse food truck is located in Tidbit Food Farm & Garden at 2880 SE Division St, and they just opened their second location at The Bite of Belmont pod located at 42nd and Belmont.

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