Savings & Loan Bar on Uptown 23rd

July 3, 2016

There’s a new player in OKC’s up and coming cocktail game. Right next to the Tower Theater on Uptown 23rd, Savings and Loan Bar brings a Mad Men era twist to your standard drink.

Nearly everyone’s first question when this bar is mentioned is: What’s up with that name? Well, there’s a bit of a history behind it. The building that houses Savings and Loan Bar used to hold Beneficial Loans decades ago. Now, the name and decor of this new bar draws on its history, with bank inspired touches throughout – like this money printed on the ceiling, and bank ledgers on the shelves.uptown-23rd-bar

The downstair area of the bar is clean, crisp, and stark white – it represents the “Savings” portion of the name. This area is a bit more quiet. It would be great for a pre-dinner drink with your date.


Upstairs is a bit more luxurious, with leather couches and dark wood that would fit right into Ron Burgundy’s abode. You know, the type of things you’d splurge on with a loan. Large couches and booths are perfect for big parties. It’s buzzy, louder, and a little more raucous up here.

Am I the only one who gets really excited when a bartender brings out a blow torch?


I was lucky to attend the soft opening of Savings & Loan bar a few weeks ago, where I got to try several cocktails crafted by the talented folks behind the bar. This was the Thousand Years War – a rum, coffee, and banana drink. If you’re a big coffee drinker, you’ll appreciate this one. It’s definitely the predominate flavor in the drink.


For something a bit different than your traditional drink, this little gelato bramble is so refreshing and also, incredibly photogenic. How cute is this? (Yes, there’s really alcohol in this.)


This one really stole the show – it was a favorite among many of the people I spoke with that night. It’s the Italian Soda – blackberry syrup, vodka, bubbles, and heavenly brandy cream. The flavors mingle and adapt as you drink it down. Sneaky, but heavenly.


As Oklahoma City has grown and evolved, the cocktail game here has been slow to catch up. It’s incredibly exciting to talk with the people at Savings & Loan because they really appreciate and respect the art of a good drink. Owner Scott Marsh had a clear vision for the quality and originality of the drinks here when I spoke with him months before opening. It’s clear they’ve executed on it perfectly. I can’t wait to spend many late nights here soon!

Bring your beau, your best friend, or a big party – I guarantee you’ll meet interesting people and make some new friends. I’ll drink to that!


You can keep up with Savings and Loan Bar on Twitter or Instagram to see what they’re up to next.

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