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Bamboo Sushi – Portland, Oregon

November 6, 2016

Growing up in the center of the country, sushi is always on my list of things to eat when I venture closer to the coast. When I planned my first trip to Portland, I discovered Bamboo Sushi and knew I had to pay a visit.

Even though I have bacon in my name, I dabble in being a flexitarian, and have been trying to limit how much meat I eat. Crazy, I know. But while I probably won’t give up meat completely any time soon, it’s always awesome to discover restaurants who are mindful about where they source their protein. Bamboo Sushi is the prime example of doing it right. They’re the first certified sustainable sushi restaurant in the world, partnering with food and marine life organizations across the country to ensure that everything they use is harvested sustainably.


And beyond that, the food is incredible.

bamboo-sushi-portland-oregon edamame-bamboo-sushi

Poké has been on my list of things to try since I first started seeing it on Instagram. But again, middle of the country + seafood = not a great match. I was thrilled to find it at bamboo. And it definitely didn’t disappoint! The tuna shone through, perfectly complemented by the light sesame dressing, crunchy cucumbers, and creamy avocado. It wasn’t overwhelmingly salty or rich. It was perfect.


At the sushi chef’s recommendation, we also tried the albacore carpaccio. It’s one of their most popular apps. While I didn’t love this one as much as the poké, I was glad I tried it. It’s definitely something you won’t find everywhere.


And like everything else at Bamboo, it’s presented perfectly.

While waiting on our rolls to be prepped, we ordered some vegetable tempura. It’s relatively inexpensive for how much you get, and everything was crisp and fresh. It wasn’t the most showstopping thing I’ve ever eaten, but it was perfect to tide us over.


For rolls, we originally played it safe, ordering two rolls with something tempura and a little spice. But again, the chef talked us into branching out a bit and trying the Green Machine.

I’m so glad he did.

The tempura fried long beans were so unique, crunchy, and perfect. This was the highlight of our meal and one thing I will definitely order every time I visit Bamboo Sushi.



Admittedly, I can’t remember the other sushi roll I ordered. It was delicious, but so incredibly overshadowed by the Green Machine. Seriously, go eat this.

As a new Portland resident, I’ve yet to branch out and find my new favorite sushi restaurant. It’s often the hole in the wall or lesser-known spots that have the best sushi rolls and are the most affordable. Bamboo is on the higher end for sushi, but they offer the right quality ingredients to back it up. If you’re into sustainability, visiting Portland, or just looking to try a new sushi restaurant, I’d definitely recommend Bamboo Sushi.

Portland dwellers, what’s your favorite sushi spot in the city? I’d love to hear your recommendations. If you’re a PDX foodie, give me a shout on Instagram. I’d love to meet up and try something new!

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