Last Minute Amazon Gift Guide for Foodies

December 19, 2016

If you’re anything like me, you postpone holiday shopping until the absolute last minute. I’m admittedly not a big fan of gift-giving. And I’m even less of a fan of shopping malls around the holidays. Crowded stores, long register lines, and grumpy shoppers are my personal idea of hell. Hard pass on that experience.

This, of course, is why I love to do as much shopping online as possible. And when you procrastinate like me, the holidays are the perfect time to put that Amazon Prime subscription to good use. I’ve put together a list of the perfect last-minute gifts to give the foodie friends in your life. Best of all, every item is through Amazon, and they’re ALL Prime eligible. So you can order these items last minute and still have them in time for Christmas. Or if you buy them on Christmas Day, they’ll be close enough that you can use the “Oh, shipping was delayed!” excuse. I won’t tell.

  1. San Francisco Salt Company Hawaiian Salt, $7 – If you follow any food bloggers on Instagram, you’ve likely seen this little salt company popping up all over recently. They hand select premium salts from around the globe that come in different colors, flavors, and packaging. Kitchen staple.
  2. Mason Jar Cocktail Shaker Set, $24 – I’m a sucker for anything in a Mason jar. I know, I’m basic. This adorable cocktail shaker set will add a little rustic touch to any home bar.
  3. Drinking Buddy Bottle Opener, $14 – The best kind of friend is one that opens bottles for you. And look, he even opens them with his mouth like your crazy uncle!
  4. Tea Canister, $12 (other colors available!) – The bright colors on these tea canisters will add a pop of color to any kitchen. Also, the label makes it the perfect container to hide cookies from your boyfriend. He’ll never know.
  5. Olive Oil Dispenser, $10 (other colors available!) – I grew up watching Rachael Ray on Food Network. Now, I adore her cookware. It’s bright, fun, and inexpensive. These EVOO dispensers are no exception.
  6. What the F*ck Should I Make for Dinner Cookbook, $10 – I got this cookbook from my cool uncle a few years back, and I still consult it when I’m looking for an easy recipe or a good laugh. It’s the perfect gift for your foodie friend with a foul mouth.
  7. Chelsea Market Cookbook, $22 – I adore Chelsea Market in New York City. I could seriously spend hours and hours wandering the shops there. This cookbook pulls some of the most memorable recipes from chefs that call Chelsea Market home. It’s a staple in my kitchen.
  8. Bamboo iPad Stand, $17 – There’s nothing worse than constantly unlocking and trying to hold your phone or iPad to read a recipe in the kitchen. Save yourself some hassle with this simple stand. Plus, it looks chic on your counter.

  1. Patterned Serving Bowls, $35 for 6 – Upgrade your $2 IKEA bowls with these fun ikat printed serving bowls. They’ll even make salads look fun. (Or Captain Crunch. Whichever.)
  2. Vacuum Pitcher with Temperature Gauge, $99 – If you drink a ton of coffee, this pitcher will keep your joe warm while looking stunning on your kitchen table. A handy temperature gauge lets you know when your drinks are scalding or chilly, too.
  3. Copper Moscow Mule Mugs, $28 for 2 – Copper mugs are a must for any home bar. These are durable and fairly priced. Perfect for your friend who always orders mules.
  4. Victorinox Chef’s Knife, $35 – I’ve had this knife for over two years, and it hasn’t failed me yet. At $35, it’s a steal. It’s boyfriend-approved. (We use this rod to sharpen.)
  5. Globe Whiskey Decanter, $75 –A bit more masculine than most of the items on my gift list, this globe whiskey decanter serves up your scotch or bourbon in style. It’s a true conversation piece.
  6. KitchenAid Bordeaux Mixer, $280 – Will anyone ever hate a KitchenAid as a gift? I doubt it. This Bordeaux color hits me right in the feels. I shed a tear. It’s perfect.
  7. Salt and Pepper Grinders,  $46 – Can you tell I’m a fan of anything berry hued? There’s also the slightly manlier lime and citron color combo.
  8. Smeg Vintage Style Toaster, $150 – The only enviable thing about the 1950’s is their classic kitchen style. I’m a fan of this bright, mid-century toaster. It’s so stylish, you won’t feel weird about gifting someone a toaster. (There’s even a kettle to match.)

These last minute options make the perfect gifts for your holiday host, or any food loving friend. If you don’t have Amazon Prime, here’s a link to sign up. (Confession: I’ll get $5 if you sign up here and use it. Help a sister out!)

How are you celebrating this holiday season?

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